Counties Energy Trust

Trustees Profiles

Trustees hold all the shares in Counties Energy Limited on behalf of the consumers who are connected to the electricity network provided by the local electricity distribution company, and who are users of emerging energy initiatives, such as EV charging stations in our region.

Here at Counties Energy Trust, we value transparency, and that is why we provide you with Trustee profiles. As beneficiaries of the Trust, it is important that our consumers have the opportunity to learn more about our Trustees.

Every two years, we hold public elections for our Trustees, and we aim to have around 5 to 6 trustees at any time. In order to become a Trustee, you need to live in the district that the Counties Energy Trust serves. You’d also need to be nominated and seconded. You can find out more about the election process here.

A Deed of Trustees is used to govern all the actions and affairs that the trustees partake in because of their positions. But everything that our trustees do is to benefit those consumers within the community.

As a respected energy and power trust in NZ, we want you to have all the information that you need about our trust, as well as our trustees!

Get to know the Counties Energy Consumer Trustees better by reading their Trustee profiles below.

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