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There have been numerous events in the Electricity sector during 2019 and 2020 which have taken up the time of the Trustees. Six matters have been at the forefront, which has canvassed a range of issues initiated by the Government. These include the Electricity Price Review (per EPR Expert Panel), Transmission Pricing Methodology, and, More Efficient Distribution Prices, (per Electricity Authority), Accelerating Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, (per MBIE), and two submissions to the Productivity Commission on Technology Issues and Technological Change and the Future of Work. Comprehensive submissions were prepared and submitted to the relevant agencies, and we are dealing with the issues at hand.

As an example of the effectiveness of your Trust to make its voice heard and taken into account, it is worth noting that a matter related to a proposal by Inland Revenue to cease allowing our network company to have a tax deduction for the annual discounts it provides to all connected consumers at a particular date, was settled early in 2018. After lengthy negotiations, Inland Revenue, in January 2018, agreed to allow a tax deduction to network companies that issued discounts to their consumers. There were various conditions and requirements that had to be met to ensure that the tax deduction was applicable, and our network company was able to satisfy those conditions and requirements. This was a particularly pleasing outcome for Trustees and for consumers, who will continue to receive their annual discounts from Counties Power Limited.
It should be noted that the proposal by the Electricity Authority to alter the method currently used for charging the transmission cost throughout the country to one of ‘user pays’ has finally been determined and finalised by the EA.

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